Tuesday, March 10, 2015

...The rain is gone.

 But seeing clearly is still a bit hard.  Today brought no more rain, but there was heavy cloud cover all day so I don't think much drying of water happened.  I'm hoping my salad garden can recover. 

I need the sun to come out and dry this out a bit!
 During all the rain, it was also pretty cold, so I didn't take the babies outside.  We've had a blast hanging out with them and bonding, LOL!  They are so happy to come running to see what tasty treats we are offering.  We can even get a couple pets in without them freaking out. 

Look at this face!!  Adorable!! There isn't anything cuter than a week old duckling!
 I called Kae and Raine in to watch them go crazy over the pouring water when we are filling their water bowl, and we all laughed and played with them.  Ducks do this funny thing where they will poke their bills into wet ground and shake their heads back and forth really fast, and it makes a funny sound.  Kae had a handful of food, and as it got down to just a few pieces between her fingers, the babies started sticking their bills down between her fingers and doing that drilling thing, LOL!  Nothing warms my heart more than my 26 year old daughter giggling like a preteen over ducklings tickling her fingers. 

Taking pictures of a duckling is like trying to get a good shot of a toddler.  Difficult because they are always moving!

Today I wanted to get the ducklings out into the yard to play in a puddle.  It was warm enough to let them play for awhile.  I put them out onto high ground in the little enclosure I made for them, and they were delighted to go splash in the puddle. 
Grass AND a puddle!!  JOY!

 Those babies got to drilling and muddied up that puddle pretty quick.  They didn't care, they were SO happy!!

I KNOW there is something wonderful down there!!  I just gotta find it!

Tomorrow is supposed to be warmer and SUNNY!!  I'll have to let them out again.  I'm cleaning their brooder out everyday, and Kern bought another 2 packages of the shavings today so we can keep them in the sunroom for a couple more days.  I'm thinking they will be out in the shed by the weekend.  I'll miss their sleepy peeping and the excited little games of tag that makes up most of their days!  Guess I'll just have to move out there with them!


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