Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Happy ducks!

Today started with me making calls to try to get Anika into an orthodontist.  We haven't needed one since moving here, and I wasn't even sure where to start.  The dentist office in town told me to look for one in Forney, about 40 minutes away!  Angie's List didn't give me much help, and I finally used Yelp, LOL!  Found one in Seagoville (about 30 minutes away) and gave them a call.  Hallelujah, not only could they see her today, but they were at their Terrell office! WOOP!  Kern and I took Anika to lunch, then I took her to get the wire fixed, buzzed around Big Lots to pick up more (ahem) comfort food for the storm that is supposed to get here tomorrow and headed home. 

When I got here, Kern was working on the water systems for the ducklings.  We learned from prior experience that not only do they stink, they will spread water from one end of their enclosure to the other within moments of getting fresh water placed in front of them.  I headed out to the duck shed to clean out the old straw, put down new straw, and make a place for the ducklings.  I put up a barrier across about half the house to keep them separate from the big ducks for a week or so, or at least until I'm pretty sure the big ones won't bully the littles. 
A fresh, clean duck house ready for the babies to arrive! 

Since we were out in the yucky weather anyway, and I had my rubber boots on, we decided to switch up the duck yard.  Kern and I removed fence posts and now, instead of a circle, they have a big ellipse-shaped yard.  They were quite indignant about me messing around with their fencing, but when they saw the new grass and chickweed, they were SO excited, and started to attack it with gusto!  Happy, happy ducks!

They must have found some lovely bugs in that spot because they were having a blast!!
 You can see the line where we moved the fence back by the difference in the height of the grass.  They are in the new area. 

You can see where I changed the angle of the fence (find the mud line, LOL!). There isn't as much yard directly in front of the shed door, but that allowed me to extend it further back.  

The only thing we are missing for the babies is a 'tractor' to get them out of the shed.  I won't be able to just let them out in the duck yard because they will walk right through the fence for the next week or so.  I know what I need, so maybe tomorrow I can run into town and try to find it.  

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