Friday, March 6, 2015

Little bitty pretty ones!

It was a day of little, adorable thing today!  Hubby was at a mens' retreat with the church, so I was up early to let the ducks out.  Before opening their door, I walked their yard and walked through all the puddles to break up the ice so they could get to the water.  They won't even use the watering dispenser because there is so much water standing in the yard.  After letting them out and listening to them gossip about everything for a few minutes, I headed back into the house.

As I passed the salad garden, I noticed little, bitty, teeny, tiny SALAD growing!!  WOOT!!
Lettuces and spinach, I think!  I also saw some of the bibb lettuce sprouting in the tiers above!

 Coming into the house I was greeted by the Littles peeping and looking SO stinkin' cute!  Fresh water made their itty, bitty hearts bubble with joy!  They were so happy about the water (Even though they weren't OUT, LOL!) that they weren't even phased by the giant hand that descended into their midst, especially when there was FOOD in it!!  Several of the babies helped themselves.  I put a   Video on my Facebook page of them eating out of my hand.

They were also interested in pecking at my glove, LOL!

OH my gosh, look at those adorable faces!!  I can't wait to see them in full adult feathers.  They're gonna be gorgeous!  

 While Kae and I worked together to make dinner, Little Bitty Pretty Mia decided to werap herself up in my blanket on the couch and get a quick nap in.  She was so relaxed and comfortable, she wasn't even phased when I came to admire her cuteness.

Sleepy Mia!
 I love my Zaycon meats, and we decided to make salmon tonight.  I poached it for the first time (I usually bake it) and made a fresh tsatziki sauce while she made garlic and butter baked mushrooms, wine and garlic sauteed shrimp and stir fried veggies.  Talk about some good eats!

All in all, a good day!

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