Saturday, March 28, 2015

So much to do!

Well, I've not posted in about a week, so I want to get you all caught up.  Because everything I do is SOOOO important, you know!  (Sheesh!)

Our little duckling flock has taken several casualties and we were losing them fast.  They would all be fine when we put them to bed, but there would be a dead one or two in the mornings when we went to take care of them.  We would see one laying on its back, flopping around, losing control of their legs for a short time, then seem to recover just as fast!  I finally called my vet to ask if she had any ideas or advice for us.  One of my ducklings had gone completely lame in her legs, and I truly expected her to die.  We had her isolated from her sisters (usually had a sister with her for company) to give her a chance to rest with water and food right beside her.  The vet told me to bring her in, and any other ones that had me concerned.  As I went to go get her, I startled the babies when I came in the duck house (I usually announce myself from outside, but didn't that time) and they all rushed to the back of the house, but one baby had a total seizure!  Her neck doubled back onto her back, legs and wings straight out and stiffened... scared the heck out of me, so I scooped her up to go with us to the vet.  Both were running fevers, and the vet said she was worried that it might be a virus going thru the flock.  My lame baby was also kinda snotty, so THAT could be helped with an antibiotic.  She decided to give me the antibiotic and a steroid to help with the neurological issues.  I managed to talk her into giving me enough of both to treat the whole little flock!  WELL,  after 2 full days on the meds, when I checked on the lame baby and her sister this morning (she is staying in the sunroom at night because of her lack of mobility), she was half standing!!  She has gotten some of her control back in her legs, and I'm hoping it will get better everyday.  I'm astonished... I truly thought I'd lose her.  She's a fighter!  During the day I'm putting all the babies in the playpen on dry ground with a 'pool' for them.  They are a riot to watch, and Kern and I spend time everyday watching them!

They can't resist the draw of the water!
Here is a video of them playing today!

Our land is still trying to dry out from all the winter rains.  It's pretty stinky as the water retreats and leaves behind rotting grasses.  The adult ducks are just delighted to muck around in the stinky stuff.  Eww. 
Poor kitty!
Shadow got himself onto the roof of the garage and had to meow pitifully at me for awhile yesterday morning.  Hey, Dude... you got yourself up there, get yourself down!  (I occasionally find him on the roof of the house as well.)

It has been hot enough during the day to seek shelter.  Even Mia was smart enough to find some shade today!

pear blossoms!
We continue to monitor the fruit trees.  It looks like about 85% of them survived the winter.  I'm anxious to get some of the apples and a new pear cut down a bit.  Either that or resign ourselves to ladders to harvest!

You get a line...
Kae and Raine and I have spent a little time fishing in the last couple days.  I love to fish.. We only have 3 little catfish worthy of the skillet so far, so we've cleaned them up and put them into the freezer until we have enough to make a meal!  Still waiting to hook that monster I know is in there!

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