Monday, March 2, 2015


 So, This happened a few days ago, and outdoor activities have been pretty much reduced to putting the ducks in and out of their shed, taking the dog out to do her doo-ty (LOL!  See what I did there!  I'm sure I think I'm funnier than I am. ;) )  It has been pretty cold and wet and miserable since then.  We got things melted down, and there is SO much water standing on the property.

 The ducks are fine with it, and it's weird how much they really don't mind the cold, nasty weather!  I'd probably be huddled in my straw-filled house instead of out in the icy water, but not them!

Mia and Daddy have some bonding time.
We have been hanging out indoors, talking, playing games, eating a LOT of comfort foods (I'm feeling my jeans get tighter by the day.) 

The Grandboy is going stir crazy, not being able to get out to run.  Thankfully, Grandpa is willing to go play with him from time to time.  They like to build towers.  Well, at least Grandpa builds, and Toby 'helps'.

A tower taller than even Grandpa!!

We are expecting the arrival of 25 ducklings in the next few days!  I'll need to get out to the shed and get it set up for them tomorrow! 

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