Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Last day of March!

We've had a couple of productive days here!  First of all, my lame duckling (Ms. Gimpy) has shown some improvement with the meds.  I've completed the 5 day treatment for the whole flock, and am continuing to treat Ms. Gimpy for awhile longer.  She can actually 'stand' on her 'knees' today.  Her feet are still not working, but at least she can make some distance when she wants to.  It's hard to know if she will recover enough to lead a good duckie life, or if we should take matters into our own hands and euthanize her.  She doesn't seem to be in pain or overly stressed out, especially since I've been letting her stay in the duck house at night.  We will continue to monitor her.  Mia and I spent some time enjoying the babies' company yesterday.

Mia was a little irked I woke her up from her nap to take a pic, LOL!

While we enjoyed hanging with the babies, the big ducks decided to come hang with us for awhile.  They are finally approaching us in stead of running from us.  CAUTIOUSLY, but at least they will come check us out from time to time.  Here is a video of them.

Kern was finally able to get our mailbox put up.  Heads up:  we will be letting you know the street address and will be phasing out the P.O. Box soon.
Proud of his handiwork!

He also planted the 2 willow trees near the pond, and planted two more Wonderful Pomegranates out back.  All we have left to get into the ground is two plum and two new peach trees and the Goji berry bushes.  Hopefully by this next weekend we can decide where they will be growing!

On the back side of the pond.

We celebrated Anika's sweet 16 on Monday!  She wanted to go to IHOP for dinner, then we came back for cake and gifts.  All my kids always request my chocolate mayonnaise cake with peanut butter frosting for their birthdays.  It's really rich, and you need coffee to get it down, LOL!  Anika got some music cds, several gift cards, the movie Eight Below (our favorite) in blue ray, and this Doctor Who backpack.  Happy girl!

Happy Birthday, my Sweet Girl!

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