Wednesday, February 4, 2015

You get a line, I'll get a pole!

We arrived in Texas at the end of a 'mild' summer, meaning it wasn't as blazing hot an normal, and we were just fine with that.  It was really dry, though.  I watched our beautiful pond lose about 3 feet of water, so I worried about my catfish.

Amazing, right?  After feeding those babies most of the summer, one day we decided that we shouldn't be feeding them THEY should be feeding US!!  We invited some friends from our new church over to catch lunch after church one day.  I love Shelly and Danny Paul!  Danny Paul is the guy you go to when you want to know how to do just about anything.  I hadn't fished myself in about 25 years, so my ulterior motive for asking them over was to have him 'teach' us how to fish again.  We had a blast out there losing bait and talking and enjoying each others company.  We had caught a couple catfish that were big, but really thin!  Weird.  At some point, Danny Paul needed to go help one of us with a pole, and he handed his pole to Anika and told her not to catch anything bigger than he had caught.  Well, it didn't take long, and Anika was hollering "I GOT ONE!!!"  Oh, my Heavens, when that thing broke the surface, we were all totally agog with disbelief and excitement.  It was HUGE!!  Anika was worried that her wrists were going to give out (She had played a hard game of wheelchair basketball the day before and was sore), so Danny Paul ran over there and stabilized the pole while she cranked on the reel.  It took her awhile to being it in, but with Danny Paul's help with the pole, and Dad's help with the net, we got that baby on land!!  WOW!! It was 8.7 pounds!

 Anika managed to provide lunch all by herself!  Danny Paul showed me how to clean them again, and within an hour, it was on the grill!  That one fish filled the entire grill, so we had to cook in shifts, LOL!  That was probably the best meal we had all summer!

We also have black bass in the pond, and were able to get a couple of those as well.  That catfish was good, but I thought the bass was just amazing!  Luckily, everyone else was raving over the catfish, so I got to hog the bass!

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