Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Another beautiful day in Texas!

My poor friends up north are getting clobbered by winter, and I'm LOVING 70* in February in Texas!  I had to run a few errands today, so I didn't get to spend much time in my yard.  I did hang out with my ducks for awhile. 
I'm anxious to see who will come up with the drake feather, the curly tail feather that says "I'm a boy!"  

Hello, my beauties!

We got a new feeder (the red one in the back), so I put it near the feeder they are used to.  I'm sure they will take a few days to figure it out.  What will REALLY freak them out is when I add the rain hat to it, so I'm going to try to get them confident with this first, THEN I'll add the rain hat.  Thankfully, we aren't expecting any rain for about a week.

There are signs of spring everywhere.  The pear trees are setting buds, and I found the tiniest blue flowers next to the path to the pond!

I haven't started my seeds for the gardens, yet, and I'm really anxious to do so. I went through the seeds I have, and I want to plant them ALL!!  I have so many varieties of peppers and squash!  I think I need to build a couple more garden beds!

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