Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Sun ovens, chairs, and seeds!

It was a beautiful, bright day, and I decided that I wanted to use my Sun Oven to bake some beer bread!  The Sun Oven is a great way to  bake goods, purify water, bake soups or casseroles IF the day is bright.  I mixed up a regular beer bread recipe as well as one with Parmesan and Cracked Peppercorn. 
Bread is cooking!

Almost done!

After the bread was done, I turned the oven away from the sun to cool down, then collapsed it to put it away!

The Parmesan peppercorn bread went very well with the spaghetti and meatballs we had for dinner.  Kern actually liked the plain bread better.  (More for me!)  The meatballs were ones that I canned last Fall, and they were really yummy!

While the bread was cooking, I stained my Adirondack chair so I can take it out into the yard to sit with the ducks from time to time.  I think it's pretty!

I decided to get that salad garden planted, so I drew up a plan so I would know what went where, and when I wanted to harvest, I'd k know what I was getting!  I'm hoping it will be pretty when it's growing!  I tried to mix colors and shapes.  I'm excited to see if my 'dividers' of onion, radishes, and carrots will be as pretty as I want them to be!  It was already dark when I was planting, and I was cold, so I'll have to get water on it tomorrow.

 I wasn't able to plant the broccoli raab.  I thought it was a cold crop, but the planting instructions say to plant after the last chance for frost.  I'll figure out something different to put in there tomorrow.  Maybe more spinach.

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