Sunday, February 8, 2015

The best time to plant a tree.... 20 years ago.  If not then, than NOW.   We got the rest of the trees we had ordered in Fall this week.  Four more trees and 10 rhubarb starts.  It was a beautiful day, and Kern and I got them in the ground, along with the 4 raspberries we hadn't planted when they came in.  They were pretty dry, so I hope they make it. 

Kern and Mia dig the hole for the pluot in the front yard.  Since our 'soil' is really a very thick clay, it's tough digging.

Bare root trees.  You have to be sure fill the dirt in under and around the roots, not leaving any air pockets.

Finishing up the Lapins cherry tree out back.  After filling in the hole, we surround the tree with wet cardboard to act as a weed barrier, then cover that with about 6" of compost, 6" of mulch, 2" of compost again, and a final inch of mulch.  This will help retain water, and it will also help eventually break down the clay around the tree. 

I planted the raspberries into the raised beds I put on the North East side of the house a month or so ago.  I was pleased to see the mulch was already breaking down, and I planted the bushes in the bed, but above 'ground' level.   The rhubarb crowns also went on the NE side of the house, near the house. They won't get a LOT of sun, but as hot as it is here, I'm hoping they will flourish.  I've always been told that Rhubarb wants full sun, BUT, in MY experience, it has done better for me with some shade in the hottest part of the day.  

We worked right up until it was almost dark, then came in and I used my canned ground beef to make taco salad.  The canned beef cut the prep time to about a third or less.   One of my favorite quick meals!


  1. Wow...I'm tired (but smiling) just reading this!

  2. Hmmm...having a hard time putting up my comments. I said, "This post makes me tired (but smiling really big) just reading it! I'm glad you all got it done and enjoyed a tasty meal! xxs