Thursday, May 7, 2015

Way too long!

WOw!  Life gets intense and I ignore my blog!  Shame on me.

My daughter, Kae is quite the cook and she likes all kinds of ethnic foods.  I'll admit she is more adventurous than I am.  She decided to make chicken tikka masala one night, so I agreed to try my hand at Naan for the first time.  It turned out pretty darn good!
Naan in the skillet.

I had a chance to go to a wonderful womens' conference called Pink Impact in Dallas last weekend.  It was a wonderful way to refresh and reconnect to my God and Savior.  The theme was 'Light', and it was just beautiful everywhere.

Light...lots of sparkle and shine!
I was able to go with Kae and our friend Shelly.  Two of the most wonderful women ever, and I loved being with them.

Shelly bought us the lovely boas.  They got us lots of attention, AND... pink dye comes off on the neckline of cloths! (And on necks!)  At least I wore various shades of pink all weekend, LOL!

My sweet Kae and me!

The Golden Girls are feathering out nicely.  I thought this leopard print under layer was just fabulous, dah-ling!
I KNEW they would be beautiful!

I let them out into the water-shed area, and they LOVED it!!  I've been letting them do some free ranging the last few days, and they are sticking pretty close to the playpen, even inside it sometimes, but they are getting the hang of it!

Duck, duck... DUCK!  They had a blast!

They are wary of the Quack Pack, and I don't blame them.  The females are challenging them and making them scatter.  Miss Gimpy couldn't run away as fast as her sisters, and at one point ended up in the middle of the Pack.  I was watching close by in case they decided to pick on her, but they were just interested.  They just took a good look at this shrieking baby, shrugged their wings and started grazing around her!  She made her escape without any interference from the Pack and back to her sisters.

Today I looked out there, and the Girls had made their way over to one of the cypress trees and were laying around in the shade.  The Quack Pack were sitting under the tree beside it and they weren't making muscles at the babies.  I think they are accepting each other!  Not fully integrated yet, but getting there.  It gives me hope that when we add some more babies in August, they will also be accepted.

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