Thursday, May 14, 2015

Hairy, scary, berry!


I'VE HAD IT!!!  I was going to try to let my hair grow out, but decided I was over it.  My husband has arranged a cruise to celebrate our upcoming 30th anniversary, SO... I went shopping for a few clothes yesterday, and today, it was time to take care of the hair.  This is the first time I've ever had my hair colored in a salon, AND the first time EVER for getting highlights.  I love it!  It should be  easy to take care of.  (I hope.)  Working on looking good for our cruise!

Before and after.

The storms keep coming.  THIS is what it looked like on the radar:
Moving just to the south of us.
THIS is what it looked like standing on the back patio!
Blue to black, just like that.

This wasn't taken as a black and white... this is what it really looked like!

Rain to the SE.

Weird clouds.  Got the ducks stirred up a bit.

Remember the red spot on the radar? This.
Once again... just a few drops, but it was close.

After all that stuff passed, Kern and I went out to watch the ducks play for a little bit.  He mentioned that he had picked a couple of the golden raspberries, so I suggested we go check out the blackberry patch!  I'm really glad we did!  We were able to bring a couple handfuls back to the house to share, and the only reason we didn't get more was because we didn't have a bucket, and I wasn't wearing shoes or clothes to wade into the briar patch!  Tomorrow, I'm thinking I should remedy that!!

Blackberries!  Giant blackberries!  Sweet blackberries!!

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