Monday, April 13, 2015

Water, water, EVERYWHERE!!

The weather was amazing last week, but at the close of the week, the outlook was not so bright.  At least the wonderful weather left us with a gorgeous sunset Friday night!  Sigh.  I wish I could capture the colors better.

So many beautiful skies here!
Walking the property with Kern, we placed the tree markers I made a couple weeks ago!  They look so cute!  I noticed that even the apple trees are full of blossoms now!  The nectarine trees are ALL looking like they didn't make it, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they are just super late bloomers.  What are the chances all three of them didn't make it?  They don't LOOK dead, just... bare!
Stayman Winesap apples-to-be.

Evenings are pretty laid back around here.  Unless you are a cat.  Then they are comatose.
Ajani modeling his sultry look.

I lost another duckling on Friday.  It's so frustrating!  I took that one to the vet to send off for a duckie autopsy.  I need to figure out what is killing them.  Ms. Gimpy is still with us.  I guess I should stop being surprised about that, LOL!!

The babies are no longer adorable little duckies.  Now they are awkward, pimply teenagers.  Their voices are starting to change to little honks and beeps and hiccups instead of the constant sweet cheeping  I love so much.  That's ok... I'm cherishing each and every stage!  Their feathers are becoming more evident, and it makes them look scruffy and rough and wet!  I've been keeping them in the duck house more since they seem to stay stronger in there.  When they go out to the playpen, I'm usually carrying several in as they are weak and can't walk.  Part of me wants to let them out and just say "Survival of the fittest, baby", but the other part wants to give them the best chances to get stronger, at least until the necropsy results come back and I find out if I CAN do anything to help them.  They WANT to go out, and they tell me all about it when I go visit with them.   I've been bringing them offerings of fresh clover and chickweed, hoping to appease them, LOL!  When they stay inside, I have to change their water at least twice during the day.  That gives me time to hang out with them.
Funny little girl!  Face-on shots of ducks always make me laugh!

See those little pin feathers?

Reminds me of an awkward teenager, LOL!

They almost look wet with those feathers coming in.  
So the weather.... The forecast calls for thunder storms for the next couple of days, one day of rain relief, then three or four more days of RAIN.  Sigh.. I'm going to need to buy some snorkels to get around the property pretty soon.  Good thing ducks can swim!  Now I need my trees to grow gills.

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