Tuesday, April 7, 2015

April Showers...

...have made my yard wet again!

I can't believe it has been a week since my last post, but here we are.

I still marvel at the sky here.  The light was so beautiful one evening, with a full moon hanging high at dusk that I had to get some pics.  I just wish the photos did the reality justice.

We had a couple days break in the rain, and I finally attacked the back field with the mower.  First I had to spend some time cutting back mesquite, and when I had done a little over half the field, my tendonitis told me to quit, so I had Kern come out and finish the other half while I started to mow.  It was dusty work, and I felt bad about mowing down these gorgeous flowers.  I was able to pluck one from my seat on the mower to share with you.  After taking this pic, I put it into the brim of my hat.  It made me feel pretty!  I left some stretches over near the pond that are full of bluebonnets.  I just couldn't mow them down!

Does anybody know what this stunning flower is?
 After mowing for several hours, I got to spend some quiet time with the kids.  The quacky ones.  If I sit still long enough, they come to investigate.
Finally got a pic that showed off some of the gorgeous colors on my Quack Pack.
Easter was a ton of fun.  Some good friends from church invited us to go to his mom's house for Easter dinner.  What an amazing family!  There was food (OH, there was FOOD!!) and we ate ourselves comatose, there was an egg hunt for the kids, and Toby came away with an awesome basket with awesome toys and lots of candy, and there was singing and lots of laughter.  What a special day we had!   The day before Easter I had fun and actually SUCCESSFULLY duplicated one of my Pins from Pinterest.  After peeling the hard boiled eggs and separating out the yolks, I let the whites soak in a cup with 3/4 C water and ONE drop of food coloring.  Stirred them gently every 5-10 minutes for about 50 minutes, and they come out colored!  SO fun!
MOST of us love deviled eggs, and we gobbled them up for snacks and breakfast for a couple of days!
We were in Dallas for an appointment for Anika today, and we found a Thai restaurant nearby.  The food was excellent, and they had a parrot tulip on the table.  Kae painted me a parrot tulip for Mothers' Day a few years ago, and it made me smile!

Today also presented me with the first rose of the season on my bushes out back!  There are lots of buds, and I bet tomorrow will be glorious!

Of course, no update would be complete without a duckie report!  The Quack Pack (the adults) has been roaming the back yard, and I need to start watching them a little more closely to be sure they don't wander off into the neighbor's property.

The babies are growing daily.  They are STILL so cute!    They are starting to look a little scruffy because their feathers are starting to grow in, but the down on their breasts is still so soft.  Miss Gimpy is still with us, and she can actually propel herself along pretty well.  Clumsy as heck, but she's determined.  It seems like her left foot is still paralyzed, and she kinda crawls along on her knees.  She made her way from the playpen back to the duck house all on her own yesterday.  We did lose another one of her sisters.  We are down to 15 now.

Getting big, huh?

What a beauty! I can't wait to see her all feathered out.
 The goofy little things will take a bath in their water dish from time to time, then they have to spend some time preening, LOL!
Check out the incoming feathers!  

Sorry for the long post... I'll try to do better at  keeping up.  


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